Answering the Taoist Mystery of "Qi"

Author: Prof. Lee, Si-Chen

I. The Science behind Qigong – Corporeal Qi

Qigongis a centuries-old health care sport that the Chinese have been using to strengthen their physical movements and for longevity. Xing Qi Yu Pei Ming(jade-carved art regarding Xing Qi; 行氣玉佩銘) from the Warring State in 380 B.C. contained the following words,“Xing Qi; taking deep breaths and extending that air downwards.”In particular,“Xing Qi” 行氣 refers to a meditative breathing method, or what we callQigong」。

In the language of modern science, different  “Qi” (氣) can be used to describe diverse physical and physiological states. The  “Qi” (氣) that we use to describe the state of the human body, such asvisceralorvigor, representphysical functionsof the human anatomy or body parts, and they can be measured and defined with modern medical equipment. For instance, havinga bad complexion(氣色不好; qi se bu hao) can be physically defined by measuring one’s body temperature and breathing, blood flow, heart rate, EEG, EMG, blood oxygen saturation, and organ functions. Alternatively, the meaning of“exterior Qi"(外氣; wai qi) is entirely different. It represents multiple energies that surge forward from a body, including electromagnetic waves, pressure waves, and certain unknown bioenergies. Sometimes, Qi is also used to describe action or mental state, such as“having high morale (士氣高昂; shi qi gao ang),”」、「“being courageous (勇氣可嘉; yong qi ke jia),”」、「“acquiring populous support(民氣可用; min qi ke yong),”」、「“being classy/elegant (氣質不錯; qi zhi bu cuo).”」等等。

The most common way to practice qigong nowadays, is for one’s body to enter into a physicalstate of resonanceor“meditative stateby adjusting one’s body posture, the speed of breathing, and by either emptying one’s mind or to think fast based on teachings from one’s master. When one reaches astate of resonance, one can often perceive an airflow, or  “Qi” (氣) , coursing about one’s body and veins, and one may feel warm and one’s muscles may tense up. This is a tangible physiological phenomenon.

II. What is the Incorporeal Qi

Taoist practitioners have been advocating for “a naturally-occurring Qi (炁) that comes from the thin air” since ancient times. They believed that the incorporeal Qi is an incorporeal force that naturally occurred in the universe. It can be very grand or infinitesimal, it has no exterior or interior, no beginning and no end, and it is colorless and tasteless, yet it is the force that flows through all living things, and the source of Tao. This hollow, the incorporeal Qi needs to be integrated with  “Qi” (氣) in our bodies before it could be functional to us. The leading force of the two is the incorporeal the incorporeal Qi , which is the essence of all energy and food sources, and may be expressed as energy and contains information on the metabolism of cells. Therefore, as the saying goes,“where this is an amalgamation of incorporeal Qi, there shall be life; and when incorporeal Qi dissipates, death shall prevail.”Therefore, in Taoism, the incorporeal Qi indicates a naturally-occurring energy, while the  “Qi” (氣) in “qigong” refers to artificial, manmade energy.

In practicing Taoist teaching, the incorporeal Qi also refers to a healing energy; it is an everlasting force that exists among all living things in the universe. The energy that is carefully measured during qigong, breathing exercises, health qigong regimen, or meditation is actually the energy flow of the incorporeal Qi. The coordination between actions and consciousness will have healing effects on the human body, thereby enhancing one’s physical well-being. The problem is, while Taoist practitioners make it sound so magical, it is but a mystery to us ordinary folks. We can feel a concentration of air and energy in our stomachs while practicing qigong, but we do not know of the incorporeal Qi around us, nor can we perceive it.

III. Realizing that the Groundbreaking Message X is in fact the Incorporeal Qi

All biology and chemistry textbooks have informed us that the biochemical antigen-antibody interaction is similar to a turn-key principle, in which the shapes of the two molecules compliment each other like a lock and its key. When a key finds a matching lock, a subsequent complex biochemical reaction will thus ensue.

The turn-key concept sounds simple, but is is illogical. While as it is a simple task for ordinary folks to open a lock with a key, it is a difficult task for a molecule in a solvent. Let us take a moment to picture this: antibody is not being held in a solvent, but rather, it is free-flowing while the antigen is swaying about on the cell wall. This is akin to us dangling our key on a keychain, while aiming for a swaying lock. This then makes it extremely daunting to aim for the lock. But the ordinary biochemical reaction seems to take place fairly quickly. What is going on here? Is a secondary channel assisting with the reaction?

For instance, perhaps all it took was for the antibody to collide against the cell wall? The antibody contains another Message X, which could be transmitted along the cell wall. Chemical reaction would occur when it meets the antigen, thereby significantly accelerating the speed of the reaction.

I refer to this mysterious message as “Message X.” In 2014, (please refer to Chapter 4 of “Science Qigong", we have proven that the message X of endothelial molecules can break through the barrier of a PDMS membrane, which is 1900x its thickness, and be directly transmitted to the growth chamber above it, where it reacts with the PC-3 cancer cell. In other words, we have proven the mysterious Message X. This Message X is an endothelial molecule with a torsion field structure; it connects the interfaces of virtual to reality and travels along the virtual time and space along the cell membrane, which allows it to cross physical time and space (i.e. cell walls) without barrier.

From this point we can comprehend the principles behind the health benefits of practicing Qigong: when one is practicing Qigong, the  “Qi” (氣) is a physical phenomenon that occurs in the physical time and space, which aims to dredge our veins and arteries, thereby preparing for the freeway that message X travels on. Once the freeway is all set and traffic flow is enabled, the message X from the virtual world, or the incorporeal Qi , can travel at high speed in the virtual world within the veins and arteries and to serve its function of communicating and mediating with different physical systems within our bodies.

I believe that the solution to the mystery concerning the corporeal and incorporeal Qi, which have been advocated by Taoism since ancient times, has finally been solved with the discover of the message X.