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Aqive, Achieve Qi.

Aqive is committed to the promotion of human consciousness. It uses scientific verification tools to cultivate awareness and concentration, and provides effective methods to enhance the sensitivity of the senses, so that the exercise of consciousness can provide feedback in practice and enhance human consciousness. Based on the research results of Qigong, torsion field and spirituality invested by Professor Li Sichun for many years, Aqive technology has developed a series of products applying torsion field technology, such as Qi Crystal, Qi Box, Qi Torsion (torsion generator) and other product, and so on. We will march towards the era of torsion field technology with you.

Core Value

S.E.A. Traveling in the sea of consciousness


Verified by scientific method


Provide feedback to promote continuous growth of iteration


Enhance awareness and concentration

Qi Crystal

Qi Crystal is helpful to enhance your awareness, help you practice meditation, mindfulness, and find yourself at ease. Practicing Qigong with Qi Crystal can help you improve the sense of Qi, also known as Qi sense.
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Qi Box

Qi Box is an awareness-raising treasure that can assist you in meditation, sit-in, mindfulness, meditation practice, and find yourself at ease. Holding the Qi Box while practicing Qigong will be more likely to feel the operation of the qi and the flow of energy around the field.
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Qi Torsion

Can purify, replenish, activate and expand the energy of aura of crystals, ore, other energy products. Qi Torsion is a treasure to produce the torsion field aura, not only make the meridian sensitive person experience the sensations of torsion field, and can be “Qi Box” and “Qi Crystal” torsion field filling, activation and purification.
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Energy activation - Discount package

The combination of all kinds of torsion field energy, with diverse experience and feelings, but also enjoy preferential prices.
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覺之 Beyond Mind


Brain Wave Analysis App

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Prof. Lee, Si-Chen


Tsai, Hsiung-Kuang


Bruce, Zhan-Yi Liao


Yves, Yu-Cheng Lin


Bill, Koh Chan Guan



group 1

The birth of the first torsion field generator.

On November 26, 2020, Aqive Technology’s first torsion field generator was successfully completed and operated, the use of the left palm to feel the force of the torsion field, and after removing the torsion field generator, still feel a slight torsion force and qi in the palm of the hand, but also verified the survival of residual effects. The use of electromagnetic field detectors is also shown as zero electric fields and zero magnetic fields to confirm that the torsion field generator does not produce electromagnetic fields.

torsion field

The fifth fundamental force of the universe-What is the torsion field?

Dr. Lee, Si-Chen and Dr. Tsai, Hsiung-Kuang’s crystal aura experiment in 2013-2016 were consistent with the torsion field properties studied by Russian scientists, confirming that the aura produced by the crystal was the torsion field.


Internet browser - the role played by the mind's eye

The president of the Physical Society of Taiwan at the time brought more than a dozen physicists and two psychologists to my laboratory to investigate the authenticity of finger reading. All sample tests were prepared by physicists of the Physical Society, and testing was performed by these physicists.


Combining blessing and storage function【Patent M608725】

Aqive technology obtained a receiver patent for the integration of special symbols in 2021/01/18.


What is the science of consciousness studying?

I participated in the “International Conference on the Science of Consciousness” held in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. April 2-7, 2018. This gave me the opportunity to understand what fields are included in the current international scientific research on consciousness?

first meeting

Cross-field creation of TF technology-the origin of Aqive technology.

To advance the frontier of science, Dr. Lee, Si-Chen, Dr. Tsai, Hsiung-Kuang, Bill Koh, Yves Lin, Bruce Liao, the founders decided to form Aqive Technology. The members span from the top academic to the landing Industry, integrates knowledge in multiple fields such as electrical machinery, aura, torsion field, brain waves, chemistry, materials, information, brain science, business management, etc.

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