How to use the products?

Instructions for Qi Crystal and Qi Box:

Instructions for Qi Torsion:

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Hello, it’s been a while since I received the product. We are very curious about your usage, feelings, and experience. If you have any doubts or discoveries in use, you are welcome to the following forum hosted by Aqive technology to share with the community.

The forum and groups are operating on the principle of open exploration, respect for multiple perspectives, and support for each other’s progress. You are welcome to share any experience of relevant brands or products. Thank you for your support and promoting the development of torsion field technology.

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Why the Qi Crystal is made of artificial crystal?

Natural crystals will have naturally occurring color differences, growth textures, or cracks. If the natural crystal is as clear and flawless as this product, Qi Crystal, it will cost tens of times more. Second, even if there are natural crystals, we can’t bear to add artificial sculpture to them and break the natural beauty. Third, buying and selling natural crystals belongs to the field of art. Therefore, Swarovski, a world-famous boutique brand, uses glass commonly known as crystal to create artistic extraordinary value.

The focus of Aqive Technology is on science. The mechanism of the aura generated by the crystal is based on SiO2, and the Qi Crystal is made by the smelting method. The raw material is SiO2, which has the same characteristics as natural crystals. This characteristic can produce an aura, that is, the torsion field. At the same time, the artificial structure is more regular than the natural structure.


In addition, the special effect of this product is the amplification and resonance of the aura generated by the engraved symbols inside the Qi Crystal. The research process is recorded in the book “The Science of Torsion Field”, And the results obtained under countless tests and improvements, you can refer to the patent certificate number: M608725.

Where to buy?

The epidemic has disrupted many arrangements. We hope all is well with you.

I’m looking forward to your visit and on-site communication. Unfortunately, because the epidemic is heating up, for the sake of our health, the company now suspends all meetings and visits. I am sorry to keep changing the plan. Maybe this is a lesson that must be faced in today’s world. Positive thinking, the epidemic provides an opportunity for us to meet the diverse changes.

Fortunately, with the development of the Internet, we can still keep in touch during the epidemic. For the related products, the website has started to offer purchases. Here is your reference:

The crystal products, Qi Crystal series:

Torsion field products include Qi Box series and Qi Torsion (torsion field generator) series:

When the epidemic eased, it is welcome to come to the company to experience it personally.

The above information is for your reference. If you have any questions, via email or Line official account @aqive to contact us.

Wish you health and all the best. Thank you!

What is the principle of the products?

Research essay by Professor Li Sichun: The Physical Nature of Crystal Aura-Torsion Field 



The principles of the company’s products are based on the results of Professor Li Sichun’s research on sacred symbols. Therefore, there is no electromagnetic field frequency. Products including Qi Torsion have Qi sense, there is no electromagnetic field. This is the result measured by instruments in the laboratory, and you are welcome to verify it.

Is there an instrument that can detect the torsion field?

Because the force of the torsion field is very weak, science can’t measure it directly with instruments at present, it can only be verified by water experiments. Because the human body is more refined, we can feel the torsion field after practice.

Please refer to the research essay by Professor Li Sichun: The Physical Nature of Crystal Aura-Torsion Field 


What are the differences between the modules?

The modules are mainly used by engineers for industrial use. You can test the reaction on your product or the object that wants to test the torsion field.


The basic model mainly provides the design of the torsion field and the indicator light of the power supply. You need to supply 4.5V ~ 5.5V AC or DC power to the module to experience the generation of torsion field!

The advanced module mainly has the preset frequency of 450hz ~ 550hz, which is applied to the torsion field coil. It can also send 4.5V ~ 5.5V AC / DC power and frequency to the module by itself!

The high-end type provides more diversified development. In addition to the USB power supply, you can also add a 3.7V battery by yourself, so that you can test the torsion field at any time and experience the torsion field. You can also choose different colors of light. Each light change will bring a different aura. In addition, there is a special coating of crystal on the module, which makes the high-end module more powerful!

Wish you have a good experience, any results are welcome to share with us !

What delivery methods are available at present?

At present, there are “delivery service”, and “in-store pickup at 7-11or Family Mart”.

Cooperating logistics companies include:
“Maple Logistics Express”, “Chunghwa Post Co.”, ” President Transnet Corp.”,
“7-ELEVEN Logistics”, “Family Mart Logistics”.

After sending, an email will be sent to inform you of the logistics number, so that you can track the logistics status!

Does your Aqive logo have any special meaning?

Aqive is committed to the promotion of human consciousness, providing exclusive energy activation services through crystal, energy, and brain consciousness α (Alpha), three elements constitute the brand logo and interpret the brand idea.
Taking the structure of the six sides of the crystal rhombohedron as the design, it symbolizes the energy convergence of the crystal, and also the image of the torsion field and the aura. The central part of the rhythm curve around the “a-wave” linear band, the flow of the sense of breath echo, constantly reconciled with consciousness.

In the application of brand color, we take the representative color of “heaven and earth energy, consciousness awareness” as the core of brand color determination. It symbolizes the energy of the world as “orange” and consciousness as “blue”. Integrating the two into the LOGO image has the meaning of calm and Qi gathering, to bring out the fusion and sublimation of world energy and human consciousness.