Copper Qiramid

Create a Space Shield to Amplify Positive Energy

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  • Aura enchantment

  • Divine purification

  • Energy Amplification

Powerful Space Purification Effect

If you require a stronger purification effect, Copper Qiramid with sacred words can amplify the energy.

Like a copper air purifier pyramid.
Keep the energy field circulating and refreshing.

Create a Reassuring Energy Field Barrier

Rely on energy field protection during special days or occasions to prevent bad energy interference.

The Copper Qiramid brings powerful stability effects.
Like setting a boundary for the space.

The Hollow Design Amplifies the Energy Further

The hollow design creates an interior Qi field Feng Shui structure. You can place energy objects or write down wishes in the middle. The pyramid structure amplifies energy.

Place the Copper Qiramid in the right direction (east-west-north-south).
Summon an endless flow of positive energy.

Suitable For You Like This

・Especially suitable for those with high space purification needs, such as individuals with sensitivities.
・Serve as a space barrier to protect those in a low-energy state, but please be mindful of the powerful energy of the Copper Qiramid and decide whether to hold it yourself.
・Those who wish to amplify crystals, minerals, or other energies.

Product Specifications

About 540g