Qi Wristband

Carry a Stable Energy Field Everywhere for Unwavering Focus and Calm

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  • Complete Focus

  • Stabilize the Energy Field

  • Tranquil State of Mind

Concentration Aid, Helping You Enter the Flow State

The pressures of work and learning can leave you feeling uneasy, but you yearn for steady focus and tranquility, entering the flow state and losing track of time.

Boost efficiency and effortlessly achieve your goals.

With the amethyst Qi Wristband surrounding you, it becomes a little treasure for enhancing your concentration.

Escape Anxiety, Welcome Serenity

If you were to rate your life, how many points would you give it? Where can inner peace be found?

Seeking inner calm holds the answer.

Wear the Qi Wristband, practice mindfulness meditation, and ease the invisible pressures of life.

Portable Energy Field Protection Amulet

Everyone possesses their own energy field, which needs protection from external influences. Carrying a protective amulet helps maintain a stable energy field.

With a complete energy field, confidence is strengthened.

The Qi Wristband guards your daily life, bringing overall mental and physical stability.

Suitable For You Like This

・Working professionals/students looking to enhance focus.
・Individuals facing high life pressures, seeking emotional stability.
・Those desiring a calm state for mindfulness meditation.
・Highly sensitive individuals needing to protect their energy field.

Product Specifications

About 24.5cm
About 58g
Copper (Crystal, PVC)