Crystal Qiramid

The Sacred Fusion of Egyptian Pyramids and Crystals

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  • Balance Energy

  • Divine purification

  • Stabilize the Energy Field

Gentle Yet Effective Purification Effect

Purifying the space is as important as cleaning. Using gentle and pure clear quartz, along with spiral sacred symbols and pyramid shapes, enhances the effectiveness.

The combination of crystal field, pyramid energy, and sacred words.

Place a Crystal Qiramid at home.
Fill the space with vitality and energy.

Gentle Energy That Stabilizes the Atmosphere

Built upon the unique energy of ancient Egyptian pyramids, faithfully recreated on a one-to-one scale and enhanced with clear quartz, creating a sense of tranquility for those within the space.

Spiral Sacred Vocabulary and Crystal Qiramid.
Provides a gentle and stable energy field experience.

Pure Guardianship, Facilitating Energy Balance

Maintaining harmony among the environment and individuals, balancing internal and external energy, is the key to sustaining joy and health.

Unite crystal purity with pyramid power.

The location of the Crystal Qiramid.
Enhance the enjoyable experience of physical and mental balance.

Suitable for You Like This

・Suitable for highly sensitive individuals, such as healers and caregivers, who require a stable energy field in their space.
・Suitable for those seeking the transformative and energy-amplifying effects of the Egyptian pyramid.
・Suitable for individuals who seek daily energy replenishment, mind-body balance, and focus on their space and self-connection.

Product Specifications

10*10*8 cm
About 624g
Artificial Crystal+ Copper