Qi Torsion

Purify and Energize: Instant Stress Relief and Effective Sleep Aid

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  • Enhance Awareness

  • Feeling

  • Relax & Sleep Aid

Energy Purification and Charging Tool

When carrying energy items, do not overlook the importance of regular purification.Torsion field initiates the exchange of information in both imaginary and real spaces.Compact and portable, with one-touch activation for purification and charging.

The Initial Step in Energy Awareness

Enter a whole new realm of Torsion energy with Qi Torsion.
Experience the universe's fifth mystical power.

A New Modern Approach to Relaxation and Sleep

In today's fast-paced world, invisible pressures and environmental factors often make people unconsciously feel uneasy. When night falls, tossing and turning becomes a common issue, signaling a need for relaxation.

To break free from accumulated stressors and attain a state of peaceful sleep, we aim to enter the Alpha brainwave state.

Utilizing Qi Torsion to purify the sleep environment proves beneficial for achieving mental and physical relaxation, aiding in a swift transition into slumber.

Enhancing Self-awareness Companion

In daily life, with too many distractions and noises, how to establish a connection with inner calm?Starting with awareness of the body, understanding the feelings of each moment.

Aqive helps you enhance your energy sense, promoting relaxation and focus.

Under the energy resonance of Qi Torsion, you can clearly and keenly perceive the self.

Suitable For You Like This

・Holding crystals, minerals, and other items, seeking to enhance purification energy.
・Sensitivity to energy, requiring regular purification of items or spaces.
・Facing sleep issues and in need of relaxation and sleep aids.
・Wanting to improve the ability to connect with oneself and enhance self-awareness.

Product Specifications

About 6.2*5.4*1.2cm
About 50g
Aluminum, Circuit board
Mysterious black