Qi Crystal

Your Pure Energy Companion, for Both Handheld and Decorative Use

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  • Crystal Purification

  • Sacred Energy Enhancement

  • Tranquil Companion

Flawless Clear Quartz Energy Purification

Seeking calm energy support?
Place clear quartz nearby or in contact with your body to experience the flow of purified new energy.

The pure ambient power of clear quartz

The impeccable structure of Qi Crystal
Bringing the purest purifying power.

Sacred Words Amplify Qi Restoration Effect

Pure crystal energy enhances the flow of the body's aura, while sacred words amplify its effects, allowing you to experience the magical flow of different sacred words and inner energies.

Sacred Qi infusion, reigniting vitality in body and mind.

Absorbing the energy of nature to maintain a stable and sacred aura.
Qi Crystal, your portable healer for energy infusion.

A Tranquil Companion in Life

Clear quartz ball, corner radiance.
Sacred words emit power, grasp it or place in personal space can instantly feel serenity and stability.

Qi Crystal, gentle support.
Like a clear stream, bringing comfort and ease.

Suitable For You Like This

・Create a positive atmosphere in your personal space using sacred words to cleanse energy.
・Mindfulness meditators can feel the flow and connection of energy in their palms.
・For office worker with busy minds, they hope to receive energetic support during work.

Product Specifications

Diameter about 4cm
About 120g
Silicon Dioxide