Big Flower of Life

Soothing Light Companion, a Decorative Item That Purifies the Environment and Enhances the Atmosphere

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  • Frequency Tuning

  • Sacred Purification

  • Tranquil Companion

Powerful Purification, Guarding the Space

Even though energy fields are invisible, the human body can perceive them. The Flower of Life represents the boundless primal energy of the universe, infusing vitality into your space alongside clear quartz.

Six-tier Flower of Life pattern, layer by layer, amplifies and enhances the aura.

The Source of Life and Living Water.
Clear Quartz Guarding You.

Adjustable According to Your Energy Needs

Feelings change all the time, and so does the energy field.
16 light color options, 4 change modes
Adjust at will and adapt to the present energy.

Relax in the beautiful lighting and crystal ambiance.

Multicolored Gradient Crystal Lighting
The Magician of Atmosphere Transformation

Tranquil Companion

The Qi Crystal emits a gentle glow, while the Flower of Life radiates energy. Placed in your personal space, it can project patterns onto the ceiling, providing an immediate sense of serene companionship and tranquility.

Provides immersive visual inspiration.
Bringing profound inner serenity.

Suitable For You Like This

・Keep the space fresh, catering to daily purification needs.
・Value the quality of life and pay attention to changes in atmosphere and feelings.
・Desire stable companionship to enhance the sensory experience of mind and body.

Product Specifications

Diameter 15 cm
About 4442g
Artificial crystal