Combining blessing and storage function【Receiver patent 109215977】

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Patent abstract

Chinese new name: a storage device

Technical field

【0001】 The present invention relates to a container, in particular to a container that can store things.

Prior art

【0002】 Considering the cleanliness and beauty of the home environment or the items that you carry with you, so that the home space or items are not too cluttered. People often use storage boxes to store items in life or with them. In addition, in order to seek the protection of the soul, people will also display items indoors, in cars, or wear items with the meaning of blessings. Therefore, if we can combine the wishing object with the storage box, it will give the storage box a better meaning, and at the same time meet the needs of people to store and pray for blessings.

New content

【0003】 Therefore, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a storage device that combines prayers and storage functions.

【0004】 Therefore, a container of the present invention includes a box body and at least one plate body. The box body has a bottom and a surrounding wall extending upward from the bottom, and the surrounding wall is formed with a first symbol; the plate body stands upright on the box body. And the plate body is formed with a second symbol, it is aligned with the first symbol.

【0005】 In some embodiments of the present invention, the plate body has a plurality of plates, which are spaced apart and stand upright in the box body perpendicular to the bottom, and the second symbols are formed on one side of the plates, and the second symbols and the first symbols are aligned and facing the same direction.