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Aqive Technology is Dedicated to Advancing the Torsion Field
Technology to Enhance Human Awareness

Starting from a Group of People
Full of Curiosity About the 'Unknown'...


Starting from a Group of People
Full of Curiosity About the 'Unknown'...

In 2020, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the co-founders of Aqive Technology found themselves unable to travel due to the pandemic restrictions. However, this situation led to a fortunate gathering. During this period, they were introduced to the practice of 'mindfulness' and underwent remarkable transformations. Through mindfulness practices, they improved their physical and emotional well-being, heightened their self-awareness, and began to experience life with greater happiness and joy.

This extraordinary and previously unknown journey of energy experiences ignited their desire to share it with others. Consequently, individuals including Dr. Si-Chen Lee, Dr. Hsiung-Kuang Tsai, Bill Koh Chan Guan, Yves Yu-Cheng Lin, Bruce Zhan-Yi Liao, and more decided to establish Aqive Technology. On July 13, 2020, they convened in a meeting room at National Taiwan University to discuss how to utilize brainwave analysis and Torsion Field technology to enhance human consciousness. This discussion marked the birth of Aqive Technology.

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Providing Reliable Support, Enhancing Self-awareness,
nd Improving the Quality of Life

We Focus on

Contemporary scientific research has confirmed that the observable universe comprises only 4% of matter, whether it's solid, gaseous, or liquid, all made up of atoms and various energy fields. In contrast, the remaining 96% is composed of dark matter and dark energy, which science currently cannot comprehend.

Dark matter accounts for 23%, while dark energy makes up a staggering 73%, leaving just 4% of the universe that science can currently explain.

In the past, science focused solely on the observable 4%, while the unseen 96% constitutes the majority of the cosmos. This includes practices like qigong, energy, and torsion fields, all part of that invisible 96%. Now, we invite you to explore this uncharted 'real world' with us.

Cross-Disciplinary Applications

  • Physiotherapy

  • TCM, Western

  • Scientific
    Feng Shui

  • Mindfulness

  • Sports-related

  • Science and

Aqive Culture

Aqive 氣機科技文化:保持開放、接納的態度,協助使用者適應不同環境、情緒與感受,達到安心、穩定;將誠信文化深植企業核心,打造永續基石。

Aqive Culture

We maintain an open-minded approach, exploring the limitless possibilities of mind-body-spirit unity.

Backed by scientific theories, we effectively assist users in enhancing their awareness, providing reliable products and services.

We respect each individual's life stages and challenges, valuing the perspectives of others in all interactions, whether they are customers, suppliers, or partners.

We help users adapt to various environments, emotions, and sensations, achieving inner peace and stability.

Maintaining good operational quality is crucial, and we actively promote a culture of integrity to establish a sustainable foundation.

OPASS.Accompanying your life, All PASS

Proprietary Technology
  • Utility Model Patent No. M608725

  • Utility Model Patent No. M615238

  • Utility Model Patent No. M608540

  • Utility Model Patent No. M649615

Related Research
Product Certification Records
  • PSE
    Qi Torsion has obtained certification as a specific electrical appliance in Japan.

  • FCC
    Qi Torsion has obtained certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States.

    Qi Torsion has been certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

  • UN 38.3
    Qi Torsion has passed aviation cargo shipping standard testing.

  • EMC
    Flexure certified by European
    Electromagnetic Compatibility

Aqive Team

The co-founders of Aqive Technology come from diverse backgrounds, including Ph.D. scholars pushing the frontiers of science, entrepreneurs driving innovation in traditional industries through information technology, seasoned professionals with years of experience in promoting agile development and management across various industries, and experts deeply involved in research and product development within the electronics industry.

Our team possesses extensive expertise spanning multiple fields, such as electrical engineering, energy fields, torsion fields, brainwave studies, chemistry, materials, information technology, neuroscience, and business management.

  • Co-founder

    Prof. Lee, Si-Chen

    "Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth."

  • Co-founder

    Tsai, Hsiung-Kuang

    "Stay humble in the face of the unknown."

  • Co-founder

    Bruce, Zhan-Yi Liao

    "Surrender to and embrace every arrangement of the universe."

  • Co-founder

    Yves, Yu-Cheng Lin

    "Change yourself, and you change the world."

  • Co-founder

    Bill, Koh Chan Guan

    "Happiness is the art of letting go of expectations."