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Fifth Force - Torsion Field

In 2013, Dr. Si-Chen Lee and his doctoral student Wei-Chieh Liang published a paper in the renowned physics journal "Physical Review D," demonstrating that although the torsion field generated by particle spin is extremely weak, it can produce a substantial torsion field when coupled with extensive rotation.

Between 2013 and 2016, the results of experiments conducted by Dr. Si-Chen Lee and Dr. Hsiung-Kuang Tsai on crystal fields were consistent with the properties of torsion fields studied by Russian scientists, thus confirming that the field generated by crystals is indeed a torsion field.

What is Torsion Field?

Torsion Field Aids in Purification and Awareness
Facilitating Deeper Relaxation During Meditation

Through torsion fields, negative energy is transferred from the environment to imaginary space and then exchanged back to real space. This process is what we refer to as "purification."

Torsion field energy helps achieve deeper relaxation, heightened bodily awareness, and access to unprecedented levels of focus.

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Aqive enhances vital energy flow, α brainwave facilitation, scientific space purification, emotion soothing, and sleep improvement.
Your constant companion for inner peace, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual balance, and pursuing health and happiness.

Getting to Know Aqive

We Experience from Aqive...

  • Sacred Energy Crystal

    Placing it on my office desk serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also absorbs negative energy. I often feel fatigued during work. In those moments, I take a break to close my eyes, meditate, and hold the crystal in my left hand, resonating with the sacred words and the crystal's energy field. Feeling a palpable resonance in my palm, it's as if I'm receiving a recharge of energy! Interestingly, I've touched crystals with different sacred symbols, and each symbol brings forth a distinct sensation. It's truly remarkable.

    - 上班族 Fiona

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  • Enhancing Energy Flow in the Body

    As a physical therapist, my focus extends beyond improving joint mobility; I also encourage clients to practice breathing exercises and energy circulation techniques to ensure the body's energy channels flow freely. I often provide clients with Qi Box to hold in their palms, allowing them to sense the flow of energy. I suggest placing the Qi Box on uncomfortable acupoints, utilizing the copper elements and internal energy field to clear blockages in the energy channels. Some clients have shared that holding the  Qi Box while sleeping promotes deeper and more restful sleep.

    - Physical Therapist, Peter

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  • Entering a meditative state of calm more quickly

    After administering energy healing sessions, I always use the Qi Torsion to cleanse the space's energy field. Many clients who visit my studio always sense a refreshing energy permeating the space. Moreover, before healing sessions, I make it a practice to meditate to adjust my own frequency. With the Qi Torsion activated, it becomes easier and quicker to relax and enter a tranquil state. For clients experiencing anxiety, I activate the Qi Torsion to help them feel more at ease.

    - Aromatherapist, Alex

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