Cross-Field Creation of Torsion Field Technology- The Origin of Aqive Technology


On July 13, 2020, at a time when the COVID-19 outbreak was raging, the co-founders of Aqive Technology gathered in a conference room at Taiwan University to discuss how brain wave analysis and torsion field technology could help raise human awareness, leading to the birth of Aqive technology.

Contemporary scientific research has confirmed that only 4% of the universe we can observe is made up of normal substances, that is, the air we breathe in our noses, the delicious food we eat in our mouths, the wonderful music we hear in our ears, The mountains, and rivers on the ground that the eyes see, the sun, moon, and stars when you look up, are composed of atoms and various energy fields, whether they are solid, gas, or liquid. The various things mentioned above are all positive matter in the universe, that is, the remaining 96% are composed of dark matter or dark energy that is currently incomprehensible by science. Dark matter accounts for 23%, Dark energy accounts for 73%, and the universe that can be explained by science today is only 4%.

Cofounders of Aqive, Dr. Lee, Si-Chen and Dr. Tsai, Hsiung-Kuang. For decades, they have deeply researched qigong, brain waves, the torsion field, and the various potentials of the human body. In the process of research, they continue to expand the frontiers of human science and explore areas that current science cannot explain. The two Ph. Ds deeply realized that if we do not study supernatural phenomena, but use current scientific cognition as a research frame, not only will we stand still and hinder human progress, but also assume that human beings have understood all the mysteries of the universe. It is an attitude that is not in line with science, so continue to explore the unknown and study how to integrate science and the human body.

Cofounders of Aqive, Bill, Koh Chan Guan is a technology entrepreneur from Southeast Asia, who in the age of the rise of the Internet, uses information technology to help traditional industries innovate, uses the power of the Internet to take businesses to the next level, and has founded companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and other places. In learning Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), we find that the driving force behind the progress of the enterprise, in addition to the power of science and technology, also needs to enhance the awareness of internal colleagues. Only when people and technology work side by side can enterprises continue to move forward.

Another co-founder, Yves Lin, has promoted Scrum Agile and agile management in various industries for many years. In the process of promoting enterprises to respond to the challenges of the digital age and moving towards transformation, he found that the effectiveness of the traditional control and command model has been greatly reduced. , How to improve the willingness and sense of participation of team members is a key issue. Information industry leaders in Silicon Valley, such as Google, even research brain science combined with mindfulness skills and designed SIY (Search Inside Yourself) courses to promote a one-minute mindfulness meditation during meetings in enterprises to help participants become more engaged and make the meeting more effective. Therefore, Yves Lin believes that the growth of an enterprise depends on the growth of people, and the growth of people depends on the improvement of concentration and awareness. In the information age, people are the key to the smooth operation of the organization.

The co-founder, and head of the Torsion Field Laboratory, Bruce Liao, has a strong passion for electronics and electrical machinery. He often won prizes in electronic competitions when he was in middle school. He also participated in research projects and research projects in the industry while he was studying. product development. Liao Zhanyi has always been thinking about the topic of using his field of expertise, that is, to create a machine that can change the world and help mankind.

When discussing how to apply mindfulness and brainwave research, Dr. Lee, Si-Chen, Dr. Tsai, Hsiung-Kuang, Bill Koh, Yves Lin, Bruce Liao, and many other founders decided to form Aqive Technology. The members of Aqive Technology span from top academics to real-world industries, and integrate knowledge in multiple fields such as electrical machinery, aura, torsion field, brain waves, chemistry, materials, information, brain science, business management, and so on. It is the core spirit of assisting humans to travel awareness of the sea, S.E.A.: scientific, verified by scientific methods; effective, providing feedback to promote continuous iterative growth; Awareness, enhancing awareness and concentration.

With the spirit of S.E.A., Aqive technology is committed to creating products and services that help raise human consciousness, evolving mystery into science. On May 15, 2021, the first torsion field generator was officially launched: Qi Torsion, qi-producing shock and resonance products, Qi Box, and crystal aura resonance products, Qi Crystal. In the promotion of the body and mind at the same time, with you to explore the various possibilities of the torsion field.

Qi Torsion, 

First tortion field generator, Qi Torsion

Aqive, Achieve Qi.