super power 彙整 - Aqive 氣機科技

Author:Dr. Li Sichun
Meeting extraordinary people by chance
In 1995, I asked for a sabbatical from the National Taiwan University to relax and restore my energy, as well as trying to find a breakthrough in the research of superpowers. In fall, I took advantage of the vacation to accompany my mother on a visit to relatives and friends in China in September. I stayed in Beijing for about a week. At that time, the most famous person with superpower in China was Zhang Baosheng. I really wanted to meet him, but I had neither relation nor connection so it seemed impossible. Purely by chance, a friend invited me to dinner shortly before my departure. A local named Mr. Li was also present. He has superpowers, but different ones. I took the liberty to ask Mr. Li whether there is any way to find Zhang Baosheng. Mr. Li kindly gave me a phone number, saying that it was Mr. Zhang's number in the 507 Beijing Office. As a result, I gathered a few papers on my own Qigong and superpower research, preparing to go to Beijing to meet Mr. Zhang.

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