psychokinesis 彙整 - Aqive 氣機科技

Author: Dr. Li Sichun
Most people think that superpowers are abilities that come on demand, but it is simply not the truth. Superpowers are related to the physical condition, mood and familiarity at the given moment. In over 20 years of research, even highly-skilled superpower possessors like Zhang Baosheng and Sun Chulin cannot immediately carry out successful superpower demonstrations that are highly difficult as soon as they start. The same goes to finger reading.

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Author:Dr. Li Sichun
Meeting extraordinary people by chance
In 1995, I asked for a sabbatical from the National Taiwan University to relax and restore my energy, as well as trying to find a breakthrough in the research of superpowers. In fall, I took advantage of the vacation to accompany my mother on a visit to relatives and friends in China in September. I stayed in Beijing for about a week. At that time, the most famous person with superpower in China was Zhang Baosheng. I really wanted to meet him, but I had neither relation nor connection so it seemed impossible. Purely by chance, a friend invited me to dinner shortly before my departure. A local named Mr. Li was also present. He has superpowers, but different ones. I took the liberty to ask Mr. Li whether there is any way to find Zhang Baosheng. Mr. Li kindly gave me a phone number, saying that it was Mr. Zhang's number in the 507 Beijing Office. As a result, I gathered a few papers on my own Qigong and superpower research, preparing to go to Beijing to meet Mr. Zhang.

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