The Science of Torsion: Solving the Unsolved Mystery of Tesla

From "The Science of Torsion" / 三采文化 Suncolor / Author: Lee, Si-Chen


Observation of “External Qi” from the miraculous Qigongin 1990

When I was studying for a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Stanford University in the United States in the 1970s, the subject of my research was semiconductor materials and components. I had to be familiar with quantum mechanics, modern physics, solid-state physics, and semiconductor device physics. When I returned to teach in the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University in 1982, I also offered these courses to my classmates and tried to collect more relevant books and materials to compile lecture notes. I was very familiar with relevant theories. I also wrote a Chinese textbook “Semiconductor Device Physics” and won the 20th Golden Tripod Award. I can use these physics knowledge freely.

In 1987, in response to the call of Mr. Chen Lv’an, then chairman of the National Science Council, I participated in the Qigong research project led by the National Science Council. At that time, I was very curious about the external qi of qigong, but it was not until 1990 that I had the opportunity to do an external qi experiment with Master Li, who was invited by the National Science Council. He was murderous on the closed test tube fifteen centimeters away with his palm for two to five minutes. As a result, the chromosomes of the fiber cells cultured inside were broken, and the protein synthesis rate dropped by 40%. This makes me puzzled. Does the outside air contain shock waves or ultraviolet rays? How else can energy interrupt the chromosomes? But ultraviolet rays can also hurt Master’s palm, but Master’s palm is not injured, and it is too difficult for long-wavelength shock waves to damage micron-level molecules. What is the physical nature of external air? Is it the fifth force field besides gravitation, electromagnetic force, strong force, and weak force? As far as my knowledge of physics at that time was far from complete, I had no concept at all, so I could only keep my doubts in my heart and wait for the opportunity to understand.

Discovery of Information Field (Spirit World) in 1999

Since 1993, I have been engaged in the research of human-specific functions such as finger literacy and thought ability. I have trained several young people with good functions, such as Miss T and Sister Wang, who can do quite in-depth. In 1999, the President of the Taiwan Physical Society When I brought more than a dozen professors of physics and psychology to my laboratory to verify finger literacy, I met Dr. Chen from the National Synchrotron Radiation Center. He was also the first to use the word “Buddha” to test Miss T’s finger literacy and discovered a visionary scientist.

As a result, we jointly discovered that in addition to the four-dimensional space-time material universe that we are familiar with, there is another conscious information field (spiritual world), which is full of various high-intelligence consciousness and information websites, and all religions have it. Our own information website is rich in content. It turns out that besides the material world, there is also a spiritual world, a world of consciousness. The former is hardware and the latter is software. Only the integration of software and hardware constitutes a complete life.

At that time, Dr. Chen considered finding a physical tool to communicate with the gods or masters in the spiritual world and to incorporate the spiritual world into the scope of modern physics for research. The question is, what physical tools are there to communicate with the spiritual world? He found some information from the website and thought that with a powerful crystal aura, it was possible to break through the barriers of the two worlds and communicate with the other world.

Dr. Chen was serving at the Synchrotron Radiation Center of the National Experimental Research Institute at that time and was good at making precision equipment. Since 2000, he has made various crystal aura generators and aura detectors. He wants to measure the strength and shape of these auras, but these magnetic, superconducting, or electronic detectors are all designed can’t measure the gas signal. Miss T has a special function, her palm is sensitive to the aura, and she can feel the strength and shape of the crystal aura. Therefore, she became the best detector for the physical properties of our experimental crystal aura. But because human feelings can only be compared based on subjective, not objectively quantified, the results can only be used as a qualitative reference to point out a research direction. In the future, when a detector can actually measure the signal, it can be quickly to be verified.

The  torsion field  suddenly appeared in 2004

In January 2004, Ms. Wu Meiyun, the editor-in-chief of Hansheng Publishing House, and I went to Beijing to visit Professor Jinchuan Shen and Ms. Sun Chulin from the Institute of Human Science of China University of Geosciences. We published a book in the form of dialogue to discuss the history and achievements of the two people’s incredible special functions in the past 20 years for reference. My cooperation with Professor Shen and Ms. Sun was terminated in 2000, and I haven’t seen them for many years. Professor Shen gave me two articles as soon as we met. the author of the two articles is Professor Jiang Xingliu from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. , introduced a research field that the former Soviet Union has studied in the past 50 years-the “torsion field”. OMG! I have never heard of this term, and I don’t know what it is.

We talked during the day, recorded the conversation, and rested at night. I took the time to read the article at night. I didn’t expect that the more I read, the more shocked and the more excited I was. I couldn’t wait to read it four or five times, as if a new world opened up in front of me. It turns out that the torsion field is not a new concept. As early as 1915, Einstein put forward the “general relativity”, which believed that the geometric properties of time and space are determined by the energy and momentum of objects, and the existence of mass will cause space-time Curvature; but to simplify the mathematics, he omitted the distortion of space-time, that is, the torsion field, to zero, so general relativity is an inflexible theory of gravity. If the bending of space-time is equivalent to generating gravitation, then the distortion of space-time is of course equivalent to generating torsion, but this force field was lost by Einstein. In 1922, the French mathematical physicist Élie Joseph Cartan added the spin angular momentum with the space-time torsion (torsion field) to the general theory of relativity, supplementing it to a more complete theory of relativity, but it did not receive any response. Some attention. Russian scientists have done in-depth theoretical and experimental research on the torsion field since the 1960s, and obtained several important physical properties of the torsion field:

1. Torsion field is the distortion of space-time, similar to the gravitational field, which is the curvature of space-time, it will not be shielded by any natural matter. For example, if there is a wall between two objects, it will not shield the gravitational force, nor should it shield the torsion field. Therefore, when it propagates in natural matter, it will not lose energy but will be scattered, and its effect will only change the spin state of the matter.

2. The transmission of torsion field in four-degree space-time is not limited by the light cone, that is, its speed exceeds the speed of light, and it can not only propagate to the future but also the past.

3. After the torsion field source is removed, the space spin structure remains there, that is, the torsion field has a residual effect. The physical properties of the torsion field described by Russian scientists are actually similar to the crystals we have learned for three years. The aura is the same. I immediately learned that the crystal aura is the torsion field, and the fifth force field is revealed, and the rest is to design experiments to verify it.

The torsion field that belongs to the general theory of relativity is unknown, but it is the most magical force field that brings out the energy of the spirit world.