The Birth of the First Torsion Field Generator

For the civilization of torsion, Aqive technology is a group of pioneers and is also the manufacturer of torsion field, research on the generation of torsion field.
Co-founder Dr. Lee,Si-Chen proposes that the torsion field is not an electric field and a magnetic field, but a field produced by the distorted space-time structure of an object spin, which can also be produced by the rapid rotation of electrons in the torsion coil circuit, and which will not be shielded by any natural substance and have residual effects.

In the early 1980s, Russian scientist Akimov also based on the theory that in spiral copper coils, the interaction of H magnetic fields and E electric fields perpendicular to each other was used to successfully create a torsion field generator! It consists mainly of a magnet, which is coupling with the capacitor to form an RLC oscillation circuit, similar to the Tesla Coil. Akimov’s torsion field generator produces the Poynting vector S, [E * H] which spirals up along the tapered coil structure, indicating the direction of rotation of the output signal.

Co-founders Dr. Li Sichun and Dr. Cai Xiongguang and Bruce Liao, the torsion field lab director, have also created a torsion field generator based on the torsion field generator of Russian scientist Akimov, originally made of actual copper wire connects circuits and spiral coils, which are less replicable.

Therefore, Bruce Liao used KiCAD EDA to draw PCB and torsion field coils and related circuits, reducing more external factors, and improving replicability, increasing the design accuracy of the torsion field. Through crystal stringing, increase the magnification of current, increase the coil current, but also use variable resistance to adjust the strength of the torsion field generator, the use of a signal generator to supply different frequencies and waveforms to it will also have different feelings. When the current increases and the coil density increases, the feeling of the torsion field is even more powerful!

On November 26, 2020, under the witness of co-founders, Aqive Technology’s first torsion field generator was completed and operated, the use of the left palm to feel the force of the torsion field, and after removing the torsion field generator, still feel a slight torsion and qi in the palm, but also verified the survival of residual effects. The use of electromagnetic field detectors is also shown as zero electric fields and zero magnetic fields to confirm that the torsion field generator does not produce electromagnetic fields. More successful realization of far-end qi, using a torsion field generator to activate the energy of crystal and qi box, by the meridian sensitive partners in different spaces, can feel the change of the switch of a generator and its current strength, but also can feel the temperature change of the qi box after being activated by the torsion field generator and microcurrent through the palm feeling, at the same time, we welcome everyone to test or put forward verification methods, so that makes the development of the torsion civilization further!

Since then, the Aqive team has studied the coil diameter and line distance and the number of turns adjustment, design different densities, and shapes, through the coil and PCB and peripheral circuit equivalent to RLC oscillation circuit, and experiment with AC and DC produced by the torsion field is not the same, supply different power, observe and experience different frequencies and intensity changes in the torsion field generator, and with light or vibration, improve the feeling of the torsion field generator.

Under this discovery, Aqive technology has introduced Qi Torsion(i.e., the torsion field generator), and another for industrial research and development, which can be integrated into your own products: Torsion Field Module
torsion field generator

Qi Torsion( first electronic torsion field generator)

We believe that the future torsion civilization in the Aqive technology and more scientific people under the development and research will have a greater breakthrough!

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